Annual Pest Prevention

Annual Pest Prevention by Russell Pest Solutions

1. Thorough exterior and interior home inspection to determine method of treatment.

2. Dry baited material applied in attic and throughout the interior of your home.

3. Removal of all accessible wall and light switch covers to inject a special dust material preventing insects from infesting the inside of your walls.

4. Ant and roach baits placed under appliances where roaches frequently search for food.

5. Ant and roach baits positioned around the exterior to attract and kill a variety of pests before they can enter your home.

6. Granular repellents placed in soil and shrubbery around the home to drive insects away.

7. Non-toxic drying liquid repellent around windows, doors and eaves completing the exterior barrier.

8. Residual baited materials applied to hard to reach places such as behind cabinets and drawers, providing your home with long lasting protection.